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Information Management Magazine - January/February 2018 The articles in this first issue for 2018 underscore the need for organizations to have a fully represented information governance (IG) team to ensure that their policies and processes enable them to get the most value from their information assets and to minimize information-related risks.  A focus on developing productive relationships with other IG stakeholders throughout 2018 is one that will pay dividends throughout your career.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor
Developing Productive Relationships with Other IG Stakeholders in 2018
Vicki Wiler 

Up Front: 
News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization



Drawing Ethical Boundaries for Data Analytics

Jennette Chalcraft, CPA, CA

Organizations are turning to increasingly sophisticated analytical tools and techniques to tap the potential value of the data they collect. While data analytics can help them push the boundaries of what can be done with that data, how far should those boundaries be  pushed? Information professionals, who are already addressing the practical challenges of managing data, have an important perspective and skill set to help organizations wrestle with these ethical concerns.

CEO Perspective

Principles for Creating a Movement for IG

Jocelyn Gunter, IGP, CPA

In her article, ARMA International CEO clarifies terminology and the core concepts of information governance and asks the professional community to help create a movement where they are widely accepted, your value as a professional is elevated, and your career opportunities are expanded

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Forging a Partnership with IT for Technology Lifecycle Management

Sue Rock, CRM, and Dennis Trepanier, CRM, CDIA+, PMP

Information management (IM) professionals don’t have to be technology experts to play a critical role in co-managing their organization’s technology lifecycles with IT. But they do have to understand the technologies in use and emerging technology solutions, key IT processes, IT jargon, and how to introduce a business case showing the benefits of an IM/IT partnership to ensure that the organization’s technologies enable compliance with information-handling policies.

Fellows Forum Series

Taking the ‘Risky’ out of Cloud-Based Business

Patrick J. Cunningham, CISM, FAI

The technology innovations that gave rise to cloud-based products and services also dramatically increased the challenges for organizations to secure information that is created or stored in the cloud. Mitigating the risks associated with using cloud-based services begins with establishing controls against which potential cloud providers can be assessed.



Management Wise

Simple Methods for Determining ROI for Records Management Projects

William Saffady, Ph.D., FAI

This article was excerpted from the book Cost Analysis Concepts and Methods for Records Management Projects, 2d. Ed., which is available for purchase in the ARMA International online bookstore at

In Review

Challenging the Archives: A Call to Action for Archivists and Users

Charity Whan

In The Silence of the Archive, David Thomas, Simon Fowler, and Valerie Johnson issue a call to action for archivists, the subjects of archives, and archival users renew relationships among themselves.

In Review

Navigating the ‘New Normal” for Information Careers

Marc Kosciejew, Ph.D.

Rethinking Information Work: A Career Guide for Librarians and Other Information Professionals illuminates many traditional, alternative, and emerging career possibilities and shows some of the rewarding ways information professionals can apply their skills in different contexts.



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