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Information Management Magazine - September/October 2017 The digital explosion has certainly made things more complicated for those in the records and information management (RIM) profession. And as the digital revolution compels the business environment to keep evolving at breakneck speeds, simple answers in the workplace will continue to be elusive. In this issue of Information Management magazine, the contributors do a good job of simplifying some complicated topics that affect RIM professionals and the workplace.

David O. Stephens, CRM, FAI, highlights the eight greatest challenges he sees ahead for RIM professionals. Please answer our one-question poll to tell us what your greatest information challenge is and to see the instant results. You can also take or check the results of some previous polls here.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor

Jeff Whited

Seeking to Simplify RIM’s Responses to a Complex Business Environment

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Nine Steps for Launching an ERM Ecosystem Plan
Morgan King and Stephen Aaronson
An electronic records management (ERM) solution leads to better information management, drives operational excellence, protects the organization during audits and legal matters, and allows for effective information integration activities. This is why building an ERM ecosystem, with the flexibility for continuous improvement, should be on all organizations’ strategic roadmaps.

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A Snapshot of the IG Implications for Body-Worn Cameras
John T. Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI
Police officers’ video recordings of activities and people in public spaces via their body-worn cameras (BWCC) have been at the center of many recent controversies – becoming one of the most vehemently debated uses of information technologies ever. This article focuses on the information governance implications of BWC.

Fellows Forum Series
What Is Past Is Prologue: What History Reveals About the Future of RIM
David O. Stephens, CRM, FAI
How the records and information management profession has responded to the evolving business environment over the past 75 years – including the epochal change introduced by digital information – provides a valuable pattern for how it can continue to be relevant into the foreseeable future.


Academic Focus
A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Information
Mark Kosciejew, Ph.D.
Even those who are studying, working with, or otherwise using information have different definitions of it. This article is meant to develop some common ground in understanding this “thing” called information with a goal of helping equip information professionals to better explain their focus and work.

Case Study
Retro-Converting Analog, Archival Finding Guides
Maik Schmerbauch, Ph.D.
This article chronicles a retro-conversion project, providing steps that others who are wishing to convert analog information into a digital format  can follow.

In Review
The Limits of Digital: Living and Working in a Hybrid Environment
Lara Mancuso, Ph.D.

The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, a captivating narrative about the significant revival of analog technologies, tools, experiences, and businesses in various domains, provides insights to information management professionals.

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