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Information Management Magazine - May/June 2017Welcome to the latest issue of Information Magazine, which features articles meant to help you meet the challenges – and take advantage of the opportunities – presented by the constantly evolving world of technologies for creating, sharing, storing, and distributing digital information assets.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor
Vicki Wiler
Learning to Thrive in Times of Technological Evolution

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News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization

Preserving Seeds of Knowledge: A Web Archiving Case Study
Jeremy M. Heil and Shan Jin, CRM, CIP

This case study provides details about how a cross-functional team has collaborated on a year-long pilot project to preserve website content and what it has learned at its mid-way point.

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Updated for the Digital Age: ISO 15489
Cassie Findlay

Fifteen years after the first international records management standard was published, a new edition of ISO 15489 allows for flexible, innovative approaches for developing effective records management programs for today’s dynamic information environment. This article describes how the standard has left open all the possibilities of the digital world while also accommodating the persistent need to manage paper records.

Mandated Disclosures Exposed
Mark Grysiuk, CRM, CIP

Mandated disclosures, which are meant to be a decision-making aid for consumers, are almost always too lengthy and complex for most people to understand. This article provides advice to help organizations simply and clarify disclosures their organizations are required to provide.


Fellows Forum Series

Viewing RIM from the Other End of the Telescope

Alison North, FAI, FIRMS

North emphasizes that RIM professionals must understand not only their core profession, but also new technology and its potential development. Beyond that, they must understand the organization’s business, see their purpose from the perspective of the business, and embrace the new way that evolving technology provides for managing and delivering information.

Legal Watch

Cloud Computing: Is it Worth the Risk and Expense?

Kirke Snyder, J.D., IGP

This article will enable RIM professionals to inform their organizations about the risks and costs of cloud computing and help them prepare for evidentiary challenges associated with identifying, preserving, and collecting cloud data for e-discovery.

In Review

Data Research Book a ‘Must Read’ for All Information Professionals

Robert L. Bailey, Ph.D., IGP, CRM

By offering practical guidance on colleting, curating, and crunching data for economic, social, and scientific purposes, The Data Librarian’s Handbook will be useful for any information professional.

In Review

An Attempt to Effect Change in Local Government Records

Richard Cox, Ph.D.

In his review of Managing Local Government Archives, Richard Cox says the authors are successful in their work to provide practical information for local government records professionals, but it falls short in their aspiration to make it a book that will “effect change in the preservation and accessibility of local government records.”



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More news, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization

Identifying and Classifying Vital Records

ARMA International Standards Workgroup

This excerpt from ARMA’s newest technical report, Vital Records (ARMA International 29-2017) focuses on identifying and classifying vital records. It also includes an snippet of a sample vital records schedule.

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