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Information Management Magazine -September/October 2018While information technology innovations have enabled or made many business processes, communications, and collaborations easier, faster, and less expensive than ever before, they have also led to exploding information volumes to manage, new legal risks to mediate, and integration problems to solve. Articles in this issue address some of these challenges, providing practical guidance for readers. If you’re dealing with the challenge of a recent or pending move to Office 365/SharePoint Online (O365/SPO), you’ll want to start with Mark Grysiuk’s cover article about that platform’s out-of-the-box capabilities.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor
From Electronic to Historical Information: Challenges and Opportunities for IM

Vicki Wiler 

Up Front: 
News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization



Out of the Box: Why Organizations Are Jumping to Office 365/SharePoint Online

Mark Grysiuk, CRM, CIP

This article provides an overview of out-of-the-box Office 365/SharePoint Online functionality and what organizations can and should do with it. 

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Fellows Forum

Social Media Cases Illustrate the Loosening Court Trends in E-Discovery

John Isaza, Esq., FAI, and Brent Martindale, Esq.

This article explores the scope of discovery in social media and considers cases that delve into the courts’ treatment of discovery sanction requests since the passage of the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in December 2015. The case decisions demonstrate how much the pendulum has swung in the direction of limiting discovery sanctions.

Leveraging Legacy Historical Records to Create Organizational Value

William W. LeFevre, CRM, CA

Many organizations, including Ford and Coca Cola, have employed historians and authors to tell their corporate stories as a way to promote their brands. Information professionals have an opportunity to step into this role, working with other stakeholders to appraise their organizations’ historical materials for marketing and other potential uses.



Industry Specific

IG in U.S. Federal Agencies: Balancing Information Value and Risk

Lauren Allen and Kathleen Allison

Between the explosion of digital records in government and the growing calls for transparency and accountability, many federal leaders are rethinking their information strategies. It’s becoming apparent that modernization requires a proactive, integrated approach to information governance.  

Tips from the Trenches

Answers to FAQ

Diane Carlisle, IGP, CRM

The question answered in this issue is “Who should be on the information governance steering committee and what are this group’s primary responsibilities?” Carlisle writes about the IG team stakeholders and draws on Bill Saffady’s Information Governance Concepts, Requirements, Technologies to describe each team member’s role.

In Review

What a Chief Data Officer Needs to Know                                                   

Kurt Brenneman

Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson wrote The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook for new chief data officers (CDOs) and hiring organizations to resolve confusion about what a CDO does. Kurt Brenneman recommends it as a pragmatic, nontechnical manual, recommended for new and experienced CDOs.

In Review

Tempering Our Number Fixation with Good Judgment

Lara Mancuso, Ph.D.

Jerry Muller’s The Tyranny of Metrics is a welcome reminder that while quantitative metrics has its place in organizations, it should be used wisely and paired with careful judgement. Lara Mancuso writes that the book is engaging and convincing, and its main takeaways are pertinent, current, and applicable to other fields.


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