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With its global membership, ARMA International is the place to find and meet your best prospects:

  • 94% play a role in the purchase decision
  • 98% of Information Management magazine readers faithfully read the magazine
  • More than 10,000 ARMA International members can be found around the world.
  • 28% work in an environment where the RIM budget is $100,000 or more.
  • 70% are college educated; 31% have advanced degrees.
  • 47% commit 75% to 100% of their daily work to information management.
  • 68% manage staff.

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ARMA International’s website,, is a popular gathering place where RIM, legal, IT, and business professionals visit to connect and find the resources they need to excel in their jobs. News, press releases, videos, web seminars, blogs, Information Management magazine’s web-exclusive content, and other resources are added frequently, drawing new and repeat traffic and giving advertisers a key way to get in front of their best prospects. With more than 20,000 unique visitors each month, our online resources clearly are not just for members only.

More than 12,500 unique attendees took advantage of ARMA International’s educational opportunities last year, including those who attended our web seminars. An average of 575 people registered for each seminar and an average of 66% showed up – a rate that guarantees a good ROI for your sponsorship dollars.

As an industry expert, you also can offer yourself as a thought leader by presenting an industry intelligence web seminar or sponsoring the “Ask the Expert” online column.

Meet Them Face-to-Face

Attendees come to ARMA International's Annual Conference & Expo to find solutions, innovations, and targeted education that will enable them and their organizations to excel. It’s the premier event where you can meet thousands of your best prospects and a perfect place to spotlight your brand.

Help Drive the News, Build Careers

What’s new in information management? What’s trending in governance and technology? ARMA International e-newsletters, including NewsWire, InfoPro and the Washington, Canadian, and Global policy briefs, keep our members – and thousands of other professionals – informed and up-to-date about important industry information. With a 17%-24% open rate, your solution will be noticed!

Want to leverage the knowledge of ARMA International members to conduct research that will help you position or develop a solution? We offer opportunities for companies to conduct their own research or partner with us on ARMA International research initiatives to gain insight that will help your company be more competitive.

Our members turn to our bi-monthly Information Management magazine and the RIMinder e-newsletter to learn how to promote information management in their organizations and ensure the success of their RIM programs. Your presence here will be noted by an eager audience.

Our bottom line – ARMA International offers vendors a one-stop shop for professionals seeking expert resources related to records and information management, information technology, information governance, and industry trends. Aligning with us as an industry leader will have a positive impact on your marketing strategy and your bottom line!